Acer Laptop Problems [ Solution ]

Common Problem Of Acer Laptop is unstable laptop performance, most often showing problems with power or the motherboard. Some laptops fail to start up at all, and those that do start up exhibit odd behavior.

One of the most common Acer laptop problems is the dreaded “blackscreen.” In such cases, the problem is usually with the LCD display in which the backlight has burnt out. In order to repair these types of Acer laptop problems, the monitor will have to be opened up and the cold cathode tube replaced.

Before you attempt such a repair or take your laptop in to a qualified technician however, first make sure that you didn’t simply turn off the backlight by accident. You can do this by pressing the Fn button and F6 at the same time. This will toggle the display backlight on and off. You may also find it helpful to hold down the Fn button and press the left and right arrow keys, which will raise and lower the backlight brightness respectively.

One of the other fairly common Acer laptop problems has to do with the USB port failing. In such cases, the USB ports still do not work even after the proper drivers have been installed.

Another common Acer laptop problem has to do with the DVD burner ceasing to work, being unable to burn new discs or to read discs that were previously written with the same drive. In these situations, you may have to replace the DVD burner.

Some other Acer laptop problems involve Windows failing to detect the hard drive. There may be numerous reasons for this, but if the hard rive itself has failed, your only option would be to replace it. This problem is different from the fairly common “click of death”, in which case a brand new hard drive makes clicking noises, which is itself a sign that it isn’t running at the proper speed.

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