Heat Related Laptop Problem [Solution]

Overheating is probably the main cause of a laptop problem, and the most crucial component in this regard is the heatsink. Too much heat in the interior of your laptop can cause crashes and possibly another mysterious laptop problem. This is particularly true if the fans are clogged with dust along with the heatsink.

Address your heating issues and you should be able to minimize the negative effects.

In general, desktop PCs are less prone to this type of problem as there are one or more fans causing more air to circulate inside the case. Desktop PCs also tend to have larger heatsinks and larger fans. In addition, the power supply, video card and the chipset may have their own fans, as opposed to the one or two small fans that are commonly present laptops.

The simplest way to solve a laptop problem of this nature is by cleaning out the fan and the heatsink with a can of compressed air, preferably every two months or so. You may be able to avoid a common laptop problem with this simple method.

If dust has already clogged up the heatsink considerably however, this may not be enough. If that is the case, you may have to remove the heatsink and clean it more thoroughly. Unfortunately this is a more complex procedure for solving a laptop problem, and you may be better off taking your laptop to a repair shop. There are plenty of sensitive components inside a laptop and with much less space than in a desktop PC, it is way too easy to make a costly mistake that will result in a more serious laptop problem than overheating.

One way that you could prevent this common laptop problem is by making sure that the rubber feet at the bottom of the laptop are firmly in place. In most laptops, these are simply glued onto the bottom of the casing, making it easy to lose them. Thankfully, they are quite easy to replace, so you should have a few spares lying around in case you do lose them.

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