[ How To ] Unscrew Toshiba Laptop

Mainly toshiba laptop problem have to with either improperly grounded top cover assembly, or a faulty DC in power jack. These Toshiba laptop problems can be manifested by anything from lockups and freezes to the battery failing to charge or the laptop refusing to start up at all.

The following steps may help you get to the root of your Toshiba laptop problems.

1. Turn your laptop upside down. You should then loosen the screws in the memory cover and remove the cover. The screws securing the hard drive should then be removed.

2. Pull the hard drive from the connector and to remove the battery. Then, remove the memory modules as well as the PC card. Don’t forget to remove all the screws on the bottom of the case, as well as the 3 screws located under the battery.

3. Open up the DVD drive using a paper clip. You should then carefully ease it out of its housing in the laptop.

4. Turn the laptop back over into the normal position and insert a thin object under the securing strip and lift it upwards gently. Take care to be gentle but not to use too much force, as it can be a bit tight.

5. Remove the securing strip as well as the two screws that hold the keyboard in place. Be sure to press on the lock that holds the keyboard in place in order to release it.

Turn the keyboard upside down and loosen the screw that holds the modem cover in place and then remove it.

Finally, loosen the screw that holds the Wi-Fi card cover in place and remove the cover.

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