Laptop Keyboard Problem [ Solution ]

Mainly the laptop keyboard problem has to do with certain keys that “stick” or simply refuse to work. In most cases, laptop keyboard problems can be solved thorough cleaning and lubrication, since most modern laptop keyboards don’t really wear out per se, and simply get dirty to the point where they refuse to work properly.

There are actually many reasons why laptop keyboard problems due to contamination occur, with the common causes being spilled liquids, loss of lubrication, weakening of the rubber pieces in the individual keys, and dust and hair.

Restore your keyboard to perfect working order with the following procedure of solving the problem :

1. Open each key loose with a screwdriver and set them aside, making sure you don’t lose the small rubber pieces that come with each key.

2. Clean the keyboard with cotton swabs dampened with only a little water. For the tight spots, you may have to use small pieces of foam and tweezers to reach in.

3. Repeat this cleaning process with alcohol and cotton swabs.

4. Clean the key contacts a third time with lighter fluid.

5. Next, clean keys the individual keys themselves with lighter fluid, making sure that all the grease is removed. Follow this with household cleaner and let dry, after which you should rinse them with hot water and leave them to dry again.

6. The rubber components should be cleaned with household cleaner and left to dry for 5 minutes. Rinse them with hot water and leave them to dry.

7. Lubricate the keys with dry film lubricant, making sure that you get the lubricant into all the small spaces. Let the keys dry thoroughly. Make sure that you lubricate the keyboard and the rubber components as well.

8. Reassemble the keyboard by first replacing all the rubber components and then the keys with wires. Snap the wire in securely and then snap the other keys into place.

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