Laptop Memory Problem : Partial Recall [ Solution ]

It is frustruating if laptop has problem. This problem is related to partial recall of laptop memory. Laptop memory problems can actually take on many forms and display varied symptoms, and the solutions to such problems can be as simple as freeing up some resources by closing down unnecessary applications, or it could require replacing RAM modules.

Replacing or adding RAM modules is indeed a solution that should work for many laptop memory problems, but there are a few things you can do first before plunking down the cash for some new RAM chips. The most common culprits in these scenarios are too many programs taking up too much memory.

How is that possible when you are only running a few programs you may ask? The answer lies in devious bits of code that can take up residence in memory yet remain invisible. Some of these programs are actually essential to the proper operation of your computer and they can make often-performed tasks run much more smoothly. Still other programs are necessary for ensuring the safety of your laptop, as in the case of antivirus software.

Regardless of the purpose, such programs take up much needed memory and may cause all sorts of laptop memory problems. The solution is to find out which programs actually have to be running and shutting down those that you can do without. To do this, type in “msconfig” at the run menu of the start button, and see how many programs are being loaded upon startup. You may also want to look in the startup menu where some programs may have installed their launch files.

Some programs are also quite simply memory hogs that are known to eat up more resources than would seem warranted. Your options then are to check out similar programs that have smaller memory requirements or to bite the bullet and order more RAM for your laptop. This solution is probably the best way to go if you are reluctant to give up your current software.

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