Laptop Monitor Problem By Liquid [ Solution ]

When you spill a large amount of liquid that has high sugar content,  then laptop monitor and the other components of your laptop can be particularly damaged, since the sugar can form an electrically conductive coating. Some of the more common laptop monitor problems you may encounter in these instances are a dimmer or totally blacked out monitor. In some cases, the monitor may simply show a few blurry spots. Still other laptop monitor problems are typified by errors in operation.

What makes the problem harder to diagnose is that it is often apparent that there is nothing wrong with the LCD itself. There are no dead pixels and no other apparent sign of physical damage. This is one of those laptop monitor problems that require quick attention.

In these cases, what usually happens is that the liquid has spilled onto the motherboard, the video card, or both. What you will need to do then is to disassemble it and clean it. If you have damaged the motherboard in some way however, and the video card is built into it, you will likely have to replace the entire motherboard, which can be an expensive proposition. If the video card is separate from the motherboard on the other hand, you may be able to get away with replacing just that. This is a more inexpensive and more feasible solution to your laptop monitor problems.

Another possibility is that the liquid has gotten into connector between the screen and the motherboard. While these types of laptop monitor problems are often possible to repair, they do require someone who is familiar with the disassembly of laptop covers and casings.

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