BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810 [ Mobile ]

This update of the Torch 9800, the first touchscreen-equipped BlackBerry, is mighty similar to its predecessor at first glance. But fire up the 3.2-inch touchscreen and you'll start to notice the difference, with a VGA 640 x 480 resolution making the whole experience far crisper.

The processor is fast, the battery life is good, and contacts and messaging are fantastic, but we do have a few gripes. This, folks, is an incremental upgrade and one that struggles to find its niche in BlackBerry's pantheon.

There are RIM handsets that are more focused on the demographics that this phone lightly touches, and those who already own a Torch 9800 may well be still locked into a contract, so there'll be little chance to upgrade.
It's by no means a bad handset, though, so it's well worth a look alongside phones such as the Bold 9900 or Curve as a point of comparison.

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