[Solved] Error 0xc000000f HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14

Upon startup a blank screen appears and then a screen with this message:

Your PC needs to be repaired
A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed
Error Code 0xc000000f

If you run a hard disk check, It says:



It looks like you are not able to boot into the Operating System of your Notebook.

Please Contact HP if your HP Notebook is under warranty, HP would replace the Hard Disk Drive and provide you the Recovery media to restore factory operating system after replacement (if you've not yet created Recovery Discs/USB Media)

According to the message you have posted it shows that you are getting 24 digit alphanumeric error code "GUW57V-69H793-MFPX1F-60AG03". If you get 24 Character Alphanumeric Failure ID, then it's time to replace the Hard Disk Drive with a new one.

Back up all the personal data to an external drive if it's possible. Otherwise you could connect the failed HDD via SATA to USB adapter with another PC or same PC after replacement of HDD & re-installation of OS and try copying /recovering the files.

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