[ How To ] View Photos in Slideshow Mode in MAC

How to view photos from SD card on Mac Pro in slideshow mode without having to download photos into iphoto? This is not a difficult task. You need a software for it known as Quicklook.

In the Quick Look window, do any of the following:

1. Manually enlarge the window: Drag its corners.

2. See the item in full-screen view: Click the Full Screen button  on the left. To return to the standard view, click the Exit Full Screen button .

3. See the next or previous item: Click the arrows on the left, or press the Left and Right arrow keys. In full-screen view, you can click Play to view the items as a slideshow.

4. See the items in an index sheet view: Click the Sheet View button  on the left, or press Command (⌘)-Return.

5. Open the item: Click Open with [App].

6. Share the item: Click the Share button  on the right.

When you’re done, close the Quick Look window: Press the Space bar, force click again, or by click the Close button .

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