Best Beats Audio Control Panel Setting for Internal Speakers

This to be an appropriate Equalizer setting for Beats Audio when listening through notebook speakers.

31hz  0db        
It makes no real difference so leave even.

65hz   0db
It makes no real difference so leave even.

125hz   5db    
Amazingly, this is the exact opposite when headphones & external headphones are used, higher it is, more bass kick the speakers produce, so leave at reasonable height

250Hz   -8db
Drop it down to reduce excessive mid’s, will miss some notes, but does more good than harm.

500hz   -3db
1khz      -3db
2khz      -2db

6khz       5db
It produces best vocals when up, so leave it slightly high.

10khz     -5db to -10db, depending on how much high notes a songs plays, -5 is appropriate for most situations.
frequency is far to high for speakers to play effectively, so keep it low

15khz    -5db

Conclusion :

The speakers on notebooks just aren’t that great, however,  that when you drop the highest frequencies, keep the mid-high frequencies, drop the mid, raise the mid-bass, and keep the bass at even, you can get them to sound rather pleasing .

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