DOWNLOAD - Conexant SmartAudio (HD) Audio Driver

Conexant’s stand-alone AudioSmart™ software provides clear voice quality, eliminates background noise from the microphone input signal during VoIP calls, and dramatically improves Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system performance. Conexant’s audio processing software is designed to work with any hardware CODEC and supports Android, Linux and Windows operating systems, as well as leading hardware platforms.

Voice / Speech Processing Software for Cost-Sensitive Applications
Designed for cost-sensitive markets and near-field use cases. Features clear quality for VoIP, noise-reduced speech input, and basic speaker correction for playback.

Voice / Speech Processing Software for Multi-Media and Gaming
Optimized for multimedia and gaming enthusiasts. Features improved VoIP for gaming, advanced noise-reduced speech input, and high performance speaker correction.

Voice / Speech Processing Software for the Modern Corporate Workforce
Designed for the modern corporate workforce. Includes keystroke/tap noise elimination, along with the most advanced far-field VoIP experience and high performance speech recognition.

The Latest Version of Conexant Smart Audio HD for Windows 10 is available for free download. Conexant audio driver for windows 10.
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