SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 [Exclusive Image and Wallpapers]

Samsung is expected to reveal its new Galaxy S8 smartphone lineup during a press conference in either February or March. The global release of S8 should take place sometime in April.

In the image we can see Samsung Galaxy S8’s curved Super AMOLED display occupies a much larger portion of the device’s face. Beneath the screen, there is no home button. Also there is no fingerprint scanner on the back of the device, which would mean Samsung’s scanner would have to be embedded in the display itself if this image is accurate.

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, you need to rethink what a phone cam do.

Everybody is waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 after the massive failure of S7. S8 is expected to come with many major changes and Enhancements. We hope users love added features.
Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be game changer for the company too.

See the Exclusive image of Samsung Galaxy S8. Galaxy S8 Release Date and Wallpaper

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