[ How To ] Recover Unsaved Word File

You might have accidentally closed a word file without saving. Are you searching for the ways to recover the unsaved word file? There are various ways you can recover it. Here, I would like to post some popular and easy ways to recover them. Follow any of the following method and enjoy.

Method 1: 
Search .asd into file explorer under "my/thispc" as shown in pic below. You can find that document there. Open the document with word.Windows has your files saved secretly.

You can also search .asd in the Start search menu and do as above.

Method 2: 
Open word. On the file menu, type open and then browse. In the file of type list ( Generally "All Word Documents" is written there), select All Files. Select the .asd file that you found and select Open.

Method 3: For Windows 10 and 7
Select Start, type .tmp in the Start Search box, and then press Enter. On the Show only toolbar, select Other. Scroll through the files and search for files that match the last few dates and times that you edited the document.

There are various other ways too. You can contact us for further assistance.

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