Beats Audio shitty EQ and Volume Swing problem on HP Laptops! [Solution]

Possible solution to the Beats Audio shitty EQ and Volume Swing problem on HP Laptops!

After much googling, I've found a fix that hopefully fixes this beats audio nonsense. My main issue was with the auto volume levelling it applied to all my music, making it unbearable to listen to, this fixes all of that and still lets you use the beats driver for your laptop speakers. The problem with using a generic driver is that even though it's better for listening to music with external speakers/headphones, the internal speakers are rendered effectively useless.

Anyhow, to disable this we need to head into the registry. Open the registry editor and go to:


Now there are two sub keys, GFX and LFX, first open GFX\LineOut\Plugins

There are a bunch of plugins listed under that, to turn something off, look for a DWORD value called load (set to 1 by default) and change it to 0 to turn it off. I disabled the compressor and limiter and "HPTone".

Now head over to the LFX folder, and disable the SRS plugin (again set the "load" value to 0), this should gray out the "Beats Audio" section under listening experience, effectively disabling it.

The last step is to go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound, right click your speakers and select "Properties", go to the "Tone Controls" tab, and click "Reset to zero".

(Note: If you haven't disabled the "HPTone" plugin, this will reset to the default beats value of +4 for both bass and treble every time you restart).

That's it, hope it helped you and please confirm if it worked for you as well!

The original fix I found was here, which pointed me to look at the right place in the registry.

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