Screen Flickering Problem In Laptop [Solution]

You may be facing the problem of screen flickering and might searching the way to solve it. Here are 3 easy ways which may help you to get rid of it.

1.If the wire which goes from the motherboard to the LCD screen is loose then tou might get flickering problem. If you are not experienced enough in handling hardware problems, then don’t refrain from consulting an expert who’ll do the job more efficiently.

Opening the back cover of a laptop & checking for problems is a difficult task. You may end up fixing the loose connection but another problem might arise during this process.

2.Sometimes it’s not just the hardware which is causing this problem. Old Video Card drivers could also be the cause of this problem.

For updating your drivers, you first need to Find the manufacturer of the Video Card by right clicking on your Desktop >> Properties >> Settings tab. Then Google for the update of your driver.

3.Flickering Problems can also be caused due to low screen refresh rate. Normally the Refresh Rate is set around 60 Hz. Today almost all LCD monitors are set to work perfectly for a Refresh Rate above 60 Hz.

If you’ve a good system then you can increase it beyond 60 Hz. Make sure that refresh rate is compatible with your system, else you’ll get problems in viewing two or more images where in you’ll find the top most image to be transparent.

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