[ How To ] Extend The Life Of Your Phone

Most people do not realize the actual cost of a premium phone, because the phones are discounted so much when people sign contracts. Out of ten people, seven will replace a cellular device annually, frequently due to disinterest in the older version, and damages. Without insurance, losing an expensive phone can be a great financial blow.  If you want to keep your phone operating well and looking nice, here are some tips for extending the life of your phone.

1. Simply put, do not drop, throw, or sit on your cell phone, for obvious reasons.

2. Do not even attempt to gently toss your cell phone across a room to a friend who has two hands out, because eventually you will miss.

3. Do not attempt to paint your cell phone case rather than buying a new cover because the paint can damage the phone irreparably.

4. Don’t leave your phone in extreme heat or cold, such as in a car or gym bag.

5. Keep your animals away from your device so that it doesn’t get chewed on or moist.

6. Lesser known issues include leaving your phone attached to the charger for more than half a day, which can eventually weaken the battery life and lead to its expiration.

7. If you have your phone plugged into a car charger when you’re turning on the ignition, it can actually cause a short in your phone. So avoid doing this too.

8. Keep your device out of purses that may contain leaking perfume or lotion.

For those who prefer to replace a cellular device each year, this may not seem important. However, if you are frugal and hoping your latest, greatest Smartphone will still be cool in six years, these tips can help you to make sure it will still be functioning at that time!

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