A Laptop USB Problem [ Solution ]

The message stating that "the device plugged into the USB port cannot be recognized" is the sign of laptop USB problem. This message may also be accompanied by a beep. Strangely enough, the laptop USB problem may persist even after the USB device is disconnected. A few users have even reported the problem occurring when the laptop monitor is moved. To make thinks even more confusing, the USB ports sometimes work normally when a device is connected and may show up normally in Device Manager.

As to what may be causing this laptop USB problem, this may vary depending on the brand and model of the laptop. With some systems for instance, the laptop USB problem wherein the ports work normally when devices are plugged in but an error message pops up when the device is unplugged, the most common cause is an issue with the USB driver.

The first step in solving this laptop USB problem is installing the latest drivers for the particular motherboard you are using. The drivers may be downloaded by using the utility software that comes with your laptop. Doing this may be enough to solve issues with the USB controller as well. If installing the latest drivers doesn’t work, the problem may be caused by your operating system.

Some users also seem to have traced this particular laptop USB problem to a bluetooth emulator. In such cases, the error message pops up at the same time as the emulator. You could check for this in Device Manager. If there is indeed an icon for the emulator in there, you could see if disabling the minipci feature will solve the problem.

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