I Dropped My Phone In The Water [ Solution ]

If someone has dropped their phone in water then it’s easy to make fun of them. In fact, it’s almost as easy as dropping your own phone in water.

Getting a cell phone wet is a bad idea. Despite the fact, we can be careless at times; whether it’s jumping into the pool, dropping it in the toilet, or leaving it outside during a rainstorm. Accidents happen. If you can think of a ridiculous way to soak a phone, then you can feel certain that someone has done it.

The problem with getting a cell phone wet is that the moisture causes internal parts to corrode. Corroded parts aren’t going to work well for very long, assuming that they work at all.

The Solution Is Below.

First, disconnect the phone’s battery and any other detachable parts. Set them out on a dry surface where they won’t get splashed, dunked, or whatever it is that you’ve done to your poor phone already. Now, just wait a while. Give the pieces a day to dry. You can also wrap the phone and its detachable components in an absorbent towel, or even a bowl of rice, which will absorb the water.

The key is to make sure that the phone’s internal components are completely dry before you turn the phone back on. Do not, however, use a blow dryer. That will just make the problem worse by pushing the water droplets into the phone’s deeper recesses.

Unless your phone is covered for water damage, sending it to the manufacturer would be useless. Wait a minimum of three days before attempting to put the battery back into your phone. When you are ready, assemble your phone, insert the battery, and turn it on. With any luck, your phone will still be functioning!

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