[ Solution ] For Scratched Screen

Scratch may occur on a camera lens, glasses, or worse yet a cell phone. Sometimes the scratches are minor, and can be ignored; other times, these scratches make daily usage difficult and unpleasant.

The best solution is prevention. Getting a cover and a clear protective screen can help keep your screen looking new. But what if you already acquired a nasty scrape?Below is the solution :

People with insurance can file a claim to replace the screen. Online stores often sell replacement screens for those who didn’t purchase the insurance plan. Others with great wireless plans can ask their retailers for a buffing. There are also screen buffing products for sale online, which if you’re lucky, will quickly polish away the scratch.

Once your phone is repaired, try to keep it that way! Getting a permanent screen cover is pretty cheap, and definitely worth it.

Be Careful Before Getting Scratch.

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