Laptop Motherboard Problem [ Solution ]

''Go and get the motherboard replaced" if it has problem during warrenty period. This is perhaps the easiest solution for laptop motherboard problems. Now if the warranty period has long passed, well that is another matter entirely. In most cases, laptop motherboard problems when the unit is out of warranty will require an expensive and difficult replacement that probably won’t cost much less than simply buying a new laptop. Such is the harsh realty that so many laptop users face in this day and age of disposable electronics, and laptop users aren’t always spared.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do that may just help you avoid a costly repair and it can be as simple as checking the “lid closed” switch of your laptop. In some machines, this switch may be stuck, causing the laptop to think that the lid is closed. Of course since you won’t be able to see the screen with the lid closed, the laptop typically shuts down the screen in order to conserve power. See if you can resolve the issue by pressing the switch on and off a few times. This switch can usually be found near the hinges of the laptop lid, where the closing and opening of the lid activates it. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may have to get the switch replaced by a qualified technician. In order to prevent this problem, many computer manufacturers have since adopted a magnetic switch design that never gets stuck in either position.

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